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a place for people who sew and those who wish to start

Our story


Dresówka.pl was established in 2012 as the first internet store in Poland which sells a wide variety of knitwear sold by meter.

Our deepest dream is to connect people who share the same passion – sewing and hand made. We successfully do it online. Now, in the first Sewing Cafe Dresówka.pl we can connect and educate citizens in Wrocław as well as the ones who visit this gorgeous city.

About us

3 in 1

It isn't boring in Sewing Cafe.

We do our best to create a magic place for those who want to create something special in peace and quiet, buy the best quality fabrics or simply have a sip of delicious coffee and taste home made cake.

Sewing Cafe

Spend nice time in a creative atmosphere.


Sewing Cafe is a place full of live. Check it out what is happening.

Ola is sewing
Ola is sewing

You have an idea but you are afraid you aren't skillful enough? Ola has tried and she is sure to come back again.


Sewing with Beata
Sewing with Beata

The first event but not the last. The attendance exceeded twice but the fun worth every minute.


Grand opening
Grand opening

That was a fabulous day. Thank you for being with us while opening Sewing Cafe No. 1.


Contact us

We are available at Wyszyńskiego Street 39. We are also available on mail, phone and on FB group.

Sewing Cafe

ul. Wyszyńskiego 39
50-330 Wrocław

Phone: + 48 888 829 171
Email: wroclaw@dresowka.pl
FB groud: FB.com/groups/szyciokawiarnia1

Opening hours:
Mon. - Fri.: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 15:00